Monday, November 9, 2015

Long Tail Platinum Complete Review!


This review is all about Long Tail Pro Platinum. Here you will check what is Long Tail Pro Platinum? What are its feature? Cons and Pros etc. Those people who never heard about long tail pro before, then I will tell you that it is a tool that helps you to find long tail keywords that you can easily rank for in the search engines even in Google top pages. As I am already told you that traffic is playing a vital role in the field of blogging. Keyword research is the most important aspects of blogging, because if you target the wrong keyword, then your time and effort will be all for nothing. A blogger knows the quality of keyword in the article. 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Long Tail Pro Review- $50 Discount 2015

When you are a newbie blogger in the field of blogging, probably everyone ask this question that how to drive traffic for the blog? Well, this is a tuff question. According to my personal experience, Once you are good in doing keyword research, you already won half the game. People do every hard step to increase their blog traffic. Traffic is always the first priority of any website or blog. Without traffic and rich keywords, a blog or site cannot survive. Searching a keyword is one of the major tasks and choosing a rich keyword of your blog is also the toughest one. First of all, a blogger writes the article, and then learn the tactics and start choosing keywords for the blog headline very carefully. This review is all about Long Tail Pro. 

What is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is the best keyword research tool that money can buy. It will tell you how to do keyword research properly is simple with Long Tail Pro. It was launched in 2011 and used by over 90,000 marketers around the whole world.
It is an affordable tool, via you can find out the rich keywords for your blog and website. This software is Adobe Air based, that means it runs great on both Mac and Personal computer. Long tail Pro will check your Domain age, Domain authority, Page authority etc. Long Tail Pro makes it really easy to find rich keywords for your blog and website.

How To Start With Long Tail Pro?

- First of all, make your campaign, you can make multiple campaigns.
- Give the name to the campaign, click on + button. You can also decide the country name.
- After that add the keywords.
- Then click on generate button. CPC and search number will appear. You can also sort the results.
- You can use Filters while searching.

Feature Of Long Tail Pro

Keyword Research For Any Niche

If you want to research the keywords but doesn't get the sufficient results then do not need to worry. Here we provide a platform via you can find out the best keyword tool. It is a tool which provide the highest ranking keyword for your blog or website. With the help of the long tail pro, you can get 800 keywords per seed keyword with the ability to find out the thousands of keywords in seconds.

Adding Notes To Your Site

This is an amazing feature of Long Tail Pro. You can also add a note like some ideas and thoughts related to the keyword. A user can sort an entire list of keywords by whether or not they have any notes associated with them. Adding notes is a unique feature, also an additional one. These notes show the thoughts and ideas behind the keyword.

Pay Per Click

With the help of this feature, you will see how your competitor analysed the keyword. Pay Per click is an advanced feature of Long Tail Pro. You can also check what your competitors are willing to pay to have their ads display on their blog. Keyword plays a vital role in the field of blogging. So while become the blogger, you have to understand the quality of keyword. Always targeted the rich keywords in your ads.


You can also check your website and blog ranking. It includes some search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can also monitor your domain age and performance of your website. A user can also check their competitors website performance. You can analyse where your site stands and check its performance time to time.

Domain Checking

If you want to check the domain age and also want to check whether the domain for your niche is available or not, then you can check here. This will tell you whether the domain is available or someone has taken it. It will also suggest some domain keywords as per your searching results.

Export Results

Export Results is an extra feature performed by Long Tail Pro. With the help of this amazing feature, you can export your any data from one client to another. You can transfer your data from one place to another at any time.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 60 days of buying Long Tail Pro, then they will refund 100% of your money, without asking any questions. It is a trustworthy site and provide a packed features, which you will surely enjoy. A user can get back their money if you are not satisfied with the purchasing. They will refund your whole money within 60 days of working.

Pricing Details

This is the pricing list, and it is affordable. If you are not satisfied with the project, then do not need to worry, your money will be refunded within 60 days. Long Tail Pro performs various functions like-

- It calculates Keyword Competitiveness.
-Save your favorite keyword.
-Check your websites and blog rankings.

-Competitor Analysis on Top 10 Google Results.
-Provide domains automatically.


After reading this review, I would only suggest that you have to give it a try. Again I am saying, "Once you are good in doing keyword research, you already won half of the game".
Just use its features, if you are not satisfied then do not need to worry, it will be refundable. It is perfect for SEO's, Content and Affiliate Marketers, Social Media expert, Bloggers, Authors and so on. According to my point of view, You are taking No Risks when you invest in Long Tail Pro today.